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Kasamh Se Episode 280
Rashi plans to give her jewelry to Abhilasha as a token. Bani tries to convince Rashi against Ranvir's marriage, but she is adamant. Abhilasha discusses her plan with her brother and just then,... Kasamh Se - Episode 280 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 289
Sahil decorates the house for his son's naming ceremony. Everyone in the family enjoys the ceremony. Jai overhears people gossiping about Rano's abnormal child. Jai gets furious and asks them... Kasamh Se - Episode 289 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 282
Rano is taken to the hospital and Bani is confused about Sahil's attitude. The doctor tells the Walia family, that Rano has to undergo a premature delivery in order to save Rano and the child.... Kasamh Se - Episode 282 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 281
The family doctor of the Walias comes over and does a health checkup of everyone. He advices Jai to take care of his health. Rashi is very happy to see Ranvir and Abhilasha together. The Valentine... Kasamh Se - Episode 281 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 276
The assailants intend to ask for a big ransom against Bani. Jai tries to fight with the attackers in order to save Bani. He asks Bani to run away but one of the assailants hits Bani. Tarun... Kasamh Se - Episode 276 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 251
Bani and everyone get ready for Jai and Bani's Anniversary Party. Bani wonders how she could find out about Anupam Kapadia with the party going on?! Bani and Pia dance on the number 'Dola Re... Kasamh Se - Episode 251 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 310
PIA SUFFERS A PARTIAL MEMORY LOSS Jai wakes up with a start and tries to phone Bani but is not able to reach her. Karuna tells him that Bani has gone to Mount Abu. Dr. Mehta advises Jai... Kasamh Se - Episode 310 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 566
An upset Ganga refuses to eat anything despite Jai coaxing her. Jai requests Maasi to convince Ganga to get operated soon. Ganga's operation is successful. When Krishna wails, Bani goes into... Kasamh Se - Episode 566 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 479
Jai and Ganga come face to face for the first time. Meera agrees to give the catering order to Ganga's mother Mathali and even comes to meet her along with Ganga. Meera and Bani are unaware... Kasamh Se - Episode 479 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 666
Meera provokes Bani to get up. Bani gets up, but refrains herself from killing Meera. Meera hits Bani on her head and tries to kill her. But Jigyasa comes to her rescue and tries to kill Meera.... Kasamh Se - Episode 666 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 260
Pia tells Jai that she needs to visit the doctor as she was feeling unwell. An angry Jai tells Pia that he will give her child all its rights. Karuna wonders why Jai is creating hatred for... Kasamh Se - Episode 260 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 273
Ranvir is extremely worried for Rashi. Jai and the rest of the family give him courage. Sahil and Pia meet to plot their next step against Jai and Bani. Jai apologises to Maasi. Karuna also... Kasamh Se - Episode 273 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 667
Vicky feels bad about his mom's deeds. But Aditya persuades him to come back home. Rishi tries to help Ganga get over her grief. Aditya reunites Jigyasa to the family and appreciates her. Jigyasa... Kasamh Se - Episode 667 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 188
Bani gives Pia a surprise by calling Pushkar to Dubai. But Pia talks to him rudely. The woman calls Jiygasa again and talks about settling scores with her. Jigyasa asks Natwar to get the informatio... Kasamh Se - Episode 188 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 261
Press reporters surround Jai at the party and inquire about his relation with Bani. Jai publically announces that he is breaking off his relationship with Bani and beginning a new life. Tarun... Kasamh Se - Episode 261 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 269
Rashi finds a cheque worth Rs. 20 lakhs in the name of Astha Singh, which she shows to Bani. Tarun and Aditya wonder why Jai took such a decision. Even Pia feels insecure with Jai's decision.... Kasamh Se - Episode 269 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 286
Aditya recognises the number traced by the police. He is shocked to see that the number belongs to Pushkar. When asked, Pushkar says that his cell has gone missing. Kidnapper calls Aditya and... Kasamh Se - Episode 286 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 288
Abhilasha's brother threatens Bani and just then, Tarun reaches there. Bani tells Tarun about Abhilasha's brother's reality. Tarun bashes him up and exposes his truth before the Walia famly.... Kasamh Se - Episode 288 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 277
Jai is investigating about the black magic and finds out that his gardener has done it. Jai makes him confess the truth in front of everyone. The gardener also reveals that Pia gave him money.... Kasamh Se - Episode 277 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 267
Karuna decides to work Jai and joins him for the meeting. Bani and Tarun too arrive at the meeting and the deal is finalized. Bani announces to the family that Pushkar will again handle all... Kasamh Se - Episode 267 Mp3
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