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Kasamh Se Episode 280 Mp3 Download

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Kasamh Se Episode 280
Rashi plans to give her jewelry to Abhilasha as a token. Bani tries to convince Rashi against Ranvir's marriage, but she is adamant. Abhilasha discusses her ... Kasamh Se - Episode 280 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 281
The family doctor of the Walias comes over and does a health checkup of everyone. He advices Jai to take care of his health. Rashi is very happy to see Ranvi... Kasamh Se - Episode 281 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 289
Sahil decorates the house for his son's naming ceremony. Everyone in the family enjoys the ceremony. Jai overhears people gossiping about Rano's abnormal chi... Kasamh Se - Episode 289 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 282
Rano is taken to the hospital and Bani is confused about Sahil's attitude. The doctor tells the Walia family, that Rano has to undergo a premature delivery i... Kasamh Se - Episode 282 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 273
Ranvir is extremely worried for Rashi. Jai and the rest of the family give him courage. Sahil and Pia meet to plot their next step against Jai and Bani. Jai ... Kasamh Se - Episode 273 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 278
Pushkar gives Pia a cheque of 5 crores and asks her to sign a legal paper in which she has to stay with him for a period of 1 month wherein Pushkar would be ... Kasamh Se - Episode 278 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 310
PIA SUFFERS A PARTIAL MEMORY LOSS Jai wakes up with a start and tries to phone Bani but is not able to reach her. Karuna tells him that Bani has gone to Moun... Kasamh Se - Episode 310 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 265
When Sahil asks Rano to abort the abnormal foetus, she refuses to do so. Bani steps into the party and the reporters present there ask her questions about he... Kasamh Se - Episode 265 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 304
Bani tells Laxmi that Tarun will love her just the way she is. Bani informs Tarun about Laxmi's love but he replies that he loves a married woman, although s... Kasamh Se - Episode 304 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 261
Press reporters surround Jai at the party and inquire about his relation with Bani. Jai publically announces that he is breaking off his relationship with Ba... Kasamh Se - Episode 261 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 561
Ranvir's family is shocked to see Ranvir in a wheelchair. Rashi narrates how Ranvir had slipped while trying to save her. The doctor informs the family that ... Kasamh Se - Episode 561 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 316
Nil. Kasamh Se - Episode 316 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 421
Bani apologizes to Dadi. But Jigyasa tells her to return all the property which she had taken away. But Jai stands for Bani and tells Jigyasa that all he nee... Kasamh Se - Episode 421 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 192 August 18 2012
Pia is unable to tell Rano the truth and covers up saying the trip was hectic. Bani ask Rashi about her first Karva Chauth (a ceremony were married women fas... Kasamh Se - Episode 192 - August 18, 2012 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 276
The assailants intend to ask for a big ransom against Bani. Jai tries to fight with the attackers in order to save Bani. He asks Bani to run away but one of ... Kasamh Se - Episode 276 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 267
Karuna decides to work Jai and joins him for the meeting. Bani and Tarun too arrive at the meeting and the deal is finalized. Bani announces to the family th... Kasamh Se - Episode 267 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 292
Jai and Bani go to the temple and Jai tells the priest that they wish to get a pooja performed for their child. Jai is frantically searching for his laptop a... Kasamh Se - Episode 292 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 266
Bani and Tarun go to Jai's guest house. They overhear a conversation between Pia, the gardener and the cook. It is revealed that this was a deliberate plan b... Kasamh Se - Episode 266 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 274
Everyone are enjoying together and Pia is stunned to see Jai and Bani dancing together. When Pia offers to take part in the game, but no one is in favor. Pia... Kasamh Se - Episode 274 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 272
Pia meets Bani and asks her to sign the NOC papers as she is no more a part of Jai's life. Bani signs the paper. Rashi informs Bani about a pooja which Jai a... Kasamh Se - Episode 272 Mp3
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Kasamh Se Episode 303
Ranvir narrates how Sahil had a poison bottle in his hand, and because he was angry, Ranvir had thrown it in the bin. The cop asks Ranvir not to leave town. ... Kasamh Se - Episode 303 Mp3
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